The first conference was organized on November 20 and 21, 2003 in Montreal. Subsequently, it was organized on a biennial basis as much as possible, under the sponsorship of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – santé (FRQS).

To organize the conference, Dr. Awissi called on specialists in research ethics and scientific integrity in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world.

The membership of the symposium support committees has often changed from one symposium to another. However, Dr. Denis Cournoyer, Me Pierre Deschamps and Me Michel T. Giroux, three specialists in research ethics and scientific integrity, were approached very early on and were regularly members of the scientific and conference organizing committees.

Support committees for the organization of conferences

Organizing committee of conferences:

  • Bruno Awissi 
  • Denis Cournoyer
  • Pierre Deschamps
  • Michel Giroux 

Scientific committee for the organization of conferences:

  • Bruno Awissi 
  • Michel Bergeron
  • Jamila Chakir
  • Denis Cournoyer
  • Pierre Deschamps
  • Mylène Deschenes
  • Michel Giroux 
  • Anik Nolet 
  • Guillaume Paré
  •  Amélie Têtu

Consultative committee for the organization of conferences:

  • Paul-André Aubin 
  • Me Marie-Josée Bernardi 
  • Me Geneviève Cardinal
  • Sophie Chantal 
  • Martin Carbonneau 
  • Annabelle Cumyn
  • Johane de Champlain 
  • Me Edith Gaudreau
  • Karoline Girard
  • Jenny Kaeding
  • François Pouliot
  • Stéphanie Gormley
  • Mariama Touré
  • Susan Zimmerman

Target audience of the conferences

The colloquium is aimed at:

  • researchers and research staff,
  • students of all levels,
  • administrators of institutions working in research,
  • promoters of research projects,
  • participants in research projects,
  • lawyers specializing in ethics,
  • ethicists and other professionals involved in research ethics,
  • members of research ethics boards (REBs),
  • administrators of research programs,
  • teachers interested in research ethics,
  • people involved in the development of research policies.

The program of the current conference ( To come )

Conference archives

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